Written by Ethan Newton 


There are few, if any, more egalitarian garments than denims. Born of necessity, from the robust “serge de Nîmes” twill to the riveted pockets, nothing is superfluous or intended as novelty. They are pieces made for the working man, and our associations with the roles that denim has uniformed - the cowboy, the dock worker, the builder, the pioneer - are generally aspirational characters that we respect for their grit.

This egalitarian nature is built into each garment. Each scuff, burr and wrinkle can only be earned. The outline of a zippo in the pocket requires carrying a zippo every day, the whiskers behind the knee require your denims to be worn hard and with as little care as can be mustered for such a treasured garment. Sure, you can buy an artificially aged and whiskered pair of 5 pockets, but there is a lack of dimension to each wrinkle that the eye knows before the head, and they never look quite right. Only a pair bought raw, worn hard, treasured and mistreated will become those objects of lore. The perfect blue jean.


Bryceland’s Sawtooth Westerner Denim

Tailored to work hard, terms we don’t often associate with one another. The image of fine tailoring being one of gentility and ease, of workwear being roughly made and utilitarian. The classic western shirt flips that idea on it’s head and offers a sense of elegance and tailored consideration in a garment meant to be stained with sweat and soil.

A broader shoulder, classic 50’s long collar point on a tailored collar stand, trim waist and flared hip with long tails to be worn tucked in. There is a propriety to this garment that will take as much abuse as you can offer it and look all the better for it. Real mother of pearl snaps and contrast cotton thread, a long barrel cuff and the iconic sawtooth pocket flap - the western shirt was never shy or retiring, never dowdy, but nor does it flinch from a hard day’s work.

How it fits: Made of sanforized denim, the Sawtooth is made ready to wear with minimal shrinkage. Suggest to order true to size for a more tailored fit.  See more

Sawtooth Westerner Denim

Bryceland’s Denim 133 Jeans

A comfortable rise, enough to cover the seat comfortably when seated or standing. Room to breathe in the leg, an opening that will cover an engineer boot as easily as a western boot, a blank canvas to paint our own stories on with every crease, or whisker or fade. The 133 is meant to be everyman’s jean. Devoid of branding or logos everywhere but the leather patch, which when washed and tumbled and worn and washed again will shrink and crack and leave what these denims were intended to be - your jeans. Any further branding is unnecessary.


How it fits: Made of unsanforized denim, Denim 133 Jeans shrinks and molds itself to your unique body shape from washing. Suggest to size up one or two sizes.  See more



Bryceland’s Chore Coat Jelt Denim  

Based on the classic coveralls of the 1930’s and 40’s, our chore coat is meant to withstand the abuses of work and improve along the way. Traditionally worn by railway workers and engineers, paired with overalls and boots, or as a coverall piece for anyone from house painters to street sweepers, the chore coat is designed to pop over most garments and stop the abuses of the working day from penetrating. Wide panelled sleeves fit easily over a tailored jacket or chunky knit, with snapped breast pockets, a watch pocket that does wonders for stopping a lighter from escaping when challenged, triple stitched seams for durability and cuffs that can be buttoned close around a pair of gloves. It’s beauty lies in it’s utility, and we are most pleased to see how these age with each wearer's daily use.


How it fits: A relax fit for an oversized look and mixed with tailoring See More


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