Written by Ethan Newton 


There are few, if any, more egalitarian garments than denims. Born of necessity, from the robust “serge de Nîmes” twill to the riveted pockets, nothing is superfluous or intended as novelty. They are pieces made for the working man, and our associations with the roles that denim has uniformed - the cowboy, the dock worker, the builder, the pioneer - are generally aspirational characters that we respect for their grit.

Life has gotten a bit weird. You know what I'm talking about. It's like someone has pulled that break lever on the world and we are grinding to a halt.

What do we do when there is nothing to do? How do we keep being inspired and having fun and how do we keep those wheels turning?

What we do always. We work with what we've got, get inspired by what we do, and play.

In that spirit - a little lock-down fun for someone's post box. Based on a 50's rayon sport shirt I bought many years ago, we hunted down some of those olf 50's decals and made something from something. I think it's fun.

Our wool gab sport shirt in size M, with original 50's decals on the chest and collar point. So far, it's a one off.

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