Opening our new store in London has given us an opportunity to develop products with a new locale, new makers, new customers and a new climate in mind. A chance to put our own unique stamp on a new city.

Reflecting on the wardrobe staples of the capital city's gents, it was clear that there has been a certain relaxation in dress codes and acceptable modes for office attire. Most reasonably dressed chaps are looking for something a little breezier, more easygoing in their wardrobe; a jacket that can function as well for meetings and evenings.

While some companies plough the workwear trench for inspiration in this regard, we sought our insight into the post-war optimism of West Coast Americana. From the simplified odd jackets of young college freshmen and the leisure time and weekend wear of the working man, we gave ourselves the task of retaining the smartness while ditching the stuffiness. Our "Easy Jacket" was born.

"There is an understated nonchalance to the finished article"

Working closely with East London bespoke tailor Fred Nieddu of Taillour Ltd, we developed our pattern for an easy-fitting jacket, mixing the semi-formal details of a sports coat with the relaxed panache of an overshirt. Unlined and unvented, the Easy Jacket features three patch pockets, hand-sewn buttonholes on a 3/2 roll, shirt-style cuffs and the unmistakable generous lapel and low gorge of a Bryceland's garment.

There is an understated nonchalance to the finished article; something you might see Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker duetting in on a Sunday night at The Lighthouse in '56. Conceived as a perennial in the Bryceland's tailored range; there will be seasonal iterations to best reflect the seasons and sit simpatico in our collections.

This season, we have produced the Easy Jacket in a heavy 18oz Linen Hopsack from Fox Brothers. This crisp, heavy linen has a hefty, dry hand feel, which softens and crumples with wear gaining character and a beautiful drape. Available in a rich dark tobacco brown colour, and a fetching navy with slight grey tone. 

Available in sizes XS - XXL, for sizing advice come by the store, or drop us an email.  

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Opening our new store in London has given us an opportunity to develop products with a new locale, new makers, new customers and a new climate in mind.

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