Written by Ethan Newton 


As we have turned the corner on a new year, we mark nearly twelve months since the norms that we have taken for granted came to a halt. The social occasions we dressed for have largely been curtailed, our lounge rooms have become our boardrooms, and loungewear in turn has seen a new lease on life.

The history of lounge wear echoes with stone floors and high ceilings, persian rugs and velvet drapes in the homes of the landed gentry. From monogrammed velvet slippers to embroidered nightshirts, usurping these artifacts of traditional haberdashery are where we have lately been finding some elegance in the new norm of our society. 


Bryceland’s Frog-button Shirt

Referencing a pajama style of the American military circa WWII, the frogged front shirt evokes a distinctly Chinese form, with an asymmetric front closure using frogged buttons, a stand collar and simplified sleeve construction.

In a heavy weight pure linen, it drapes as good linen is bound to do. It’s a piece that rolls out of bed and will comfortably jacket a gaberdine trouser and loafer for a relaxed morning sitting in the sun, or buttoned through and tucked into a flannel suit it makes an alternative to a shirt and tie that feels both nostalgically vintage and entirely modern at the same time.  See more


Bryceland’s Pyjama Shirt

There is a beauty in the meditation of a long morning at home. Strong hot coffee, a comfortable chair, something sweet spinning on the record player. It is a time of entirely justified self indulgence, and one that we love to dress for.

The classic pajama shirt, tailored but comfortable, with a piped contrast edge to the satiny cotton twill, all seams frenched for a construction as comfortable, and beautiful, inside as it is out. Tucked into a trouser and worn open necked beneath a softly tailored jacket, it brings a little loucheness into an evenings attire.

Paired with a pair of loosely draped drawstring bottoms, the pajamas make for an elegant way to dress at home, no matter how grand that home might be.  See more


Bryceland’s x Bowhill & Elliott  Slippers 

Low heeled and elegant, the classic slipper has been made by Bowhill & Elliott in Norwich since 1874. Made for us with an elegant rounded tongue and a selection of embroideries based on vintage jewellery designs, or in a black calf Grecian style, the slipper works as well keeping feet warm on cold stone floors as it does for a quick stroll to the local cafe. As an alternative to a loafer, it feels distinctly more elegant and worthy of occasion, even if that occasion is nothing more than a morning coffee on a sunny terrace.  see more. 





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