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January 2020

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Wool Gabardine Shirt



'Auriga' Split-toe Derby

Corno Blu


RAF Rollneck

Camel Lambswool

Double Denim

Sawtooth Westerner & Denim 133

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Bryceland's x Blaise Mautin


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Red Rabbit Trading Co.

Mike French


Sartoria Dalcuore

Gigi Dalcuore



Kenji Kaga

Tie Maker

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger

I love the idea of things that have been personalized. Patched and repaired. Embroidered or illustrated or dyed or reworked. Given a second or third life with a little imagination. I came across a rayon sport shirt a few years back with Davy Crockett decals stenciled across the chest. It...

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The Open Lace

The Open Lace

As the workplace wardrobe becomes more casual, with odd jackets and knit shirts, open collars and denims seeing acceptability in many offices, navigating the weekday wardrobe and not making it look ham-fisted requires a little consideration. Elements of the suit wardrobe can pass for semi-casual garb in a pinch, but...

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Repost: Die Workwear - America’s Other Button Down

Repost: Die Workwear - America’s Other Button Down

“I’ve had quite a few vintage Western shirts, but the old Rockmounts and Short Horn Levi’s are my favorites,” Ethan tells me. “I’ve hunted down quite a few H Bar C shirts in different cloths, and some unusual rayon or wool gabardine versions from Denver Prior. I think there’s a...

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