Written by Ethan Newton 


I love the idea of things that have been personalized. Patched and repaired. Embroidered or illustrated or dyed or reworked. Given a second or third life with a little imagination.

I came across a rayon sport shirt a few years back with Davy Crockett decals stenciled across the chest. It quickly became my favourite shirt and is the base of our Cabana and Sport shirt models. So when I came across a treasure trove of these vintage decals, I snapped them up.

The archetype of the Gunslinger has so much romance about it - from Davy Crockett or Kit Carson to Roland Deschain of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, there is an image of the frontiersman Knight of the round table, with big iron on his hip and a noble cause to fight for. There is a simplicity to the mythos, morality being entirely binary, good being good and bad being bad.

How this fits in today's more nuanced world can be argued, but as a fiction, a vehicle for Joseph Campbell's theory of the Hero's Journey, the symbolism still shoots from the hip with dead aim accuracy.

Bryceland's Pure Rayon Scarf with 1950's Cowboy decal. 1 of 1.

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