Fashion Forecast - Men

Fig. 1- The green rough felt homburg in the smartest dimensions.

Fig. 2- A brown rough felt country hat with tweed band. The favorite of smart men during the late shooting season.

Fig. 3- A new and smart hat - a homburg which snaps down in front. Originated and popularized by Yale students.

Fig. 4- Smart L.I. society men at informal race meetings and point-to-point meets are favoring the one-piece top cap. This one is in district plaid of red Glen Urquhart.

Fig. 5- The new trend in collars. Note the widespread openings. The center one is the favorite of the Prince of Wales.

Fig. 6- The plaid silk tie is now gaining in favor. The spotted foulard tie now so popular in London, and quickly gaining favor here. The new trend in stripe rep ties as seen at the fashion centers in the east. The color combination is also of importance.

Fig. 7- A smart, practical cigarette box that holds a full package.  It is made of very light aluminum, pigskin covered, red morocco lined.

Fig. 8- The new widespread tab collar shirt - requires a larger know - rapidly on the ascendency. The spotted tie is a fashion item of the moment.

Fig. 9- These examples of smart cotton flannel shirts, button collar attached. These shirts were recently revived by Princeton students.

Fig. 10- The return of an old time favorite, and destined to popularity - the checked gingham shirt of yellow and grey. It is shown with the separate white oxford round corner soft collar pinned that is so popular with well dressed men.

Fig. 11- The English idea of a sporting shirt. It is of fine silk and wool, slip-over, the neck band and collar poplin. Ideal for riding, golf, and all other outdoor sports. A favorite of discriminating men.

Fig. 12- The silk and wool slip-over with long sleeves takes the place of a shirt, and is another ideal sports item.

Fig. 13- Four examples of spring hose: 1. The shepherd’s check in silk; 2. the foulard pattern in lisle; 3. The smart clock in silk; 4. the district plaid of fine cashmere for sportswear.

Fig. 14- The long-time favorite of sporting men, the racing umbrella with leather handle with gold pencil encased.

Fig. 15- The cashmere glen shirt with bow tie to match. Tie carries overplaid to offer contrast.

Fig. 16- The newest in slip-over sweaters of self striped alpaca Cashmere self striped slack hose to match.

Fig. 17- Same idea. These are the two colors that are on the high wave of popularity.

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