Fashion Forecast - Southern


Fig. 1- Figure wearing white linen norfolk jacket, with belt stitched all around to vertical pockets, back of jacket is very simple, a straight yoke with gatherings and a long vent from belt to bottom of coat. Slacks are of black and white shepherd check linen; pale yellow broadcloth shirt with round collar attached, pinned; a solid black foulard tie; canary ribbed wool hose and white buck shoes with black rubber heels and soles complete the ensemble.

Fig. 2- Figure wearing midnight blue tropical worsted, double breasted dinner jacket; semi soft 2 ½ inch wide pleated bosom white French linen shirt; fold collar; black bat tie and patent pumps. Note the colored club band on the sennit straw and the camel’s hair coat.

Fig. 3- Figure wearing brown striped single breasted seersucker jacket, white oxford shirt with button down collar attached; brown gaberdine slacks; white hose, white buck shoes with brown calf straight tips and backs; bangkok hat with red foulard puggaree band and foulard tie to match - note leather watch guard strap in breast pocket.

Fig. 4- Wearing white linen shawl collar single breasted dinner jackets -no facing on lapels- white soft oxford shirt with collar attached; black straight end bow tie; black silk cummerbund, black sheer silk hose and patent leather oxfords.

Fig. 5- Figure in foreground wearing wine colored cotton mesh shirt with short sleeves; linen crash beach slacks of butcher blue- note the white leather sandals. This ensemble is typical of the smarter resorts in the south of France, and in these colors was favored by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

Shirtless figure wearing yellow knitted trunks with elastic band; these are very abbreviated but found favor among those who make the season at the famous watering places of the world.

Figure in background wearing even horizontal stripe basque shirt with boat neck and short sleeves- high waisted gaberdine trunks.

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