Written by Tony Sylvester


The Lounge Robe Suit idea was cooked up via an international phone call. It was the early weeks of the worldwide Covid lockdown and Ethan and I were discussing our evolving dressing habits and overall frustrations.


The notion came up of an outfit that blended practicality to cope with our current situation; homebound and landlocked, but with a wistfulness for the potential better days ahead. Something that mixed elegance and simplicity, comfort and dressing up, informality and formality. At the time, I was deep into researching men's homewear for a series of features and writing projects, and we were struck by the thought of taking all these wonderful historical images of opulent robes and pyjamas and applying their spirit to evening wear, echoing the original intent of the tuxedo; a simplified rig for entertaining at home. 


Using a classic 370g black flannel from Fox Brothers & Co, we drew up plans for a short robe with a kimono-like wrap and grosgrain facing on a generous shawl lapel. This would be worn with matching easy fitting trousers in the same flannel with a self-fabric drawstring, button fly and a grosgrain stripe on the outer seam. Relaxed enough to be worn in the home yet retaining the dignity of black tie. 
We are very pleased to offer this sumptuous set on a made-to-order basis in the above iteration and a range of similarly luxury cloths. 
Photo Credits: Jamie Ferguson

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