Figure 1- Wearing brown shetland, semi-norfolk notch lapel jacket with belt all around loose from the vertical pockets, side bellows pockets with buttoned flaps and two vertical pockets at top. Buttons can be either leather or horn. With thi sjacket, short brown Harris tweed knickers with overplaid, solid color brown ribbed hose with white tops, garter tabs, brown full brogue shoes with overlapping tongues, dark blue cotton flannel shirt with the new 2 3/8" collar pinned, India print madras tie. The jacket that this figure is wearing is the one that is so popular at Princeton. The back has a yoke with gatherings, and there is plenty of fullness, one long vent from belt to bottom.

Figure 2- Wearing notch lapel jacket of Lovat green Harris tweed with 6-inch side vents. Irish donegal tweed slacks with lap seams and self turned cuffs, black brogue shoes, rough felt green snap-brim hat, brown Glen Urquhart cotton shirt, solid color green crochet tie. The wearing of Irish donegal tweed slacks with odd jackets is a very important fashion note, and one that received great popularity at the Open Polo Championship last Fall. Side vents are seen on sports jackets of well-dressed men both here and abroad. Many men prefer black brogue shoes in the country.

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