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There are pieces so perfect in their functionality that they become iconic, indicative of a period and a place. 

For us, the chore coat in its many iterations is such - evoking the Industrial Age, a sturdy and no nonsense garment from a no nonsense period in history.

Ours brings together our favourite elements - a full, panelled sleeve that easily encompasses a knit or a jacket beneath, unfinished brass buttons that will wear their age beautifully, a watch pocket that just as securely holds a lighter. 

Imagining it as we would have wanted, were we making it in the 40’s, we have added salt & pepper and a white Herringbone twill to the usual blue jelt, giving a staple design life amongst a range of ways to pair it.

Worn true to size it becomes almost tailoring, subverting the uniform of grey flannels and an OCBD into something robust and everyday. Worn large it’s a light top coat with pockets a plenty and an A-Line form that will cover a blazer with pockets to spare.

However you wear it, wear it hard. It’s workwear after all.

Bryce-Alls - made for makers.



- 100% cotton herringbone twill
- Double pocket on the top left with the slash front pocket for a pocket watch
- Shaped sleeves with an extra panel
- Three-button cuff 
- Worn oversized and mixed with tailoring

*We suggest getting one size bigger due to the shrinkage on first wash.


Size Chart

* Ethan is 181cm/5.94ft with a 46 1/4’”/117.5cm chest and wears size 44
* Kenji is 182cm/6ft with a 38”/96.5cm chest and wears size 40